The XALOC Technic School gives the following certificate of professionalism. This training is fully subsidized by the Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) and is aimed primarily at unemployed workers. The Certificate of Professionalism accredits the person for professional development.


Certification of professionalism: Yes (Level 2)

Start: April 2

Schedule: 15:00 to 19:00

Duration: 540h. face-to-face (420h. of training at the center and 120h. of internships in company) 

Place: Xaloc Technic School. Av. Gran Via 100. 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. 

OBJECTIVE: To carry out the assembly, maintenance and repair of refrigeration facilities with quality required, complying with current regulations and in conditions of safety and respect for the environment atmosphere.



MF0114_2 Assembly of refrigeration installations (240h).

- UF0413 Organization and execution of the assembly of refrigeration facilities

- UF0414 Commissioning and regulation of refrigeration facilities

- UF0415 PRL and environmental management in refrigeration facilities

MF0115_2 Maintenance of refrigeration facilities (180h).

- UF0416 Preventive maintenance of refrigeration facilities

- UF0417 Corrective maintenance of refrigeration facilities

IMAR0108_FCO: Complementary training (10h).

MP0091: Non-work placements module (120h).


ACCESS REQUIREMENTS: Be registered with the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and have any of the following qualifications: graduate in ESO, level 2 certificate of professionalism, level professionalism certificate 1 from the same family and professional area as the certificate to which you want to access, meet the academic requirements for access to medium-level training cycles or have passed the corresponding entrance exams regulated by the educational administrations, having passed the university entrance exam for people over 25 years and / or 45 years old. In the case of students who cannot provide the supporting documentation to meet the requirements, the entity will verify through the key skills tests, that they have sufficient training or professional knowledge to allow them to carry out the training successfully.