1. Adapt staff to the important change in the traditional concept of procurement towards the idea of a procurement strategy, which allows an optimal negotiating relationship with approved suppliers, integrating them into the supply chain 

2. Prepare and train professionals in a comprehensive management of quality procurement: obtain the best products and services, in optimal conditions and from the most accredited suppliers worldwide.


25 hours


1. Primer Sign

a. Days: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 21:00

b. Start date: 28-5-24

c. Application Deadline: 27-6-24

d. Class days

1) May/24: 28,3

2) June/24: 4,6,11,13,18,20,25,27

2. Second round

e. Days: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 21:00

f. Start date: 14-11-24

g. Application Deadline: 19-12-24

h. Class days

1) November/24: 14,19,21,26,28

2) December/24: 3,10,12,17,19


1 Strategic purchasing function in the company: optimize bargaining power with suppliers 

2 Evolution of the traditional purchasing model

3 Best practices in purchasing processes

4 The procurement team: skills, negotiation in the purchase

5 Relationship and integration with suppliers. Evaluation and Homologation

6 Procurement and stocks. Point of order, Optimal purchase batch. Security stock

7 The purchasing plan. MRP (Material Resorcing Planning), stock planning

8 Purchasing management. Integration with finance

9 Quality in purchases

10 Procurement in projects: purchases, acquisitions and contracts

11 Strategic outsourcing

12 Final Project: purchase budget


475,00 euros


1. Plan resource management

2. Prioritize negotiation with the best suppliers over the focus on looking only for price.

3. Manage stocks in their correct size

4. Ensure quality in purchasing processes

5. Control outsourcing processes