This course will allow you to expand your knowledge of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems, carrying out practical exercises in the design, installation and assembly of basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits, control and power for simple industrial applications.



25 hours



1. Primera sign

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start date: 20-11-23

c. Closing date: 18-12-23

d. Class Days

Nov/23: 20,27

Dec/23: 4,11,18


2. Second Round

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start date: 2-10-24

c. Closing Date: 7-11-24

d. Class Days

Oct/24: 2,9,16,30




1. Configuration of basic pneumatic and electropneumatic circuits:

a. Pneumatic control elements and pressure and flow regulation.

b. Cylinders, linear and rotary actuators.

c. Electro-pneumatic control and regulation elements.

d. Simulation programs for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic schemes.


2. Assembly of basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic industrial installations:

a. Interpretation of pneumatic and electropneumatic circuit diagrams.

b. Assembling pneumatic control circuits, speed variation and cylinder force.

c. Assembly of basic electro-pneumatic control circuits. 






1. Understand, design and configure basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits of production machines.

2. Develop and execute simple electro-pneumatic assemblies controlled by relays.

3. Reduce maintenance time on simple pneumatic systems.

4. Optimally regulate the operating speed and working pressure of pneumatic actuators.

5. Locate faults and malfunctions, analysing the symptoms and identifying the causes that produce them.

6. Repair breakdowns and malfunctions, adjusting or replacing defective elements.