Train middle managers in the different methodologies for an efficient management of all types of projects within an organization, attending to the different areas of knowledge and process gups of the management cycle.


25 hours


1. Primer Sign

a. Days: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 21:00

b. Start date: 18-4-24

c. Application Deadline: 23-5-24

d. Class days

1) April/24: 18,23,25,30

2) May/24: 7,9,14,16,21,23

2. Second round

a. Days: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 21:00

b. Start date: 3-10-24

c. Application Deadline: 12-11-24

d. Class days

1) October/24: 3,10,15,17,22,24,29

2)November/24: 5,7,12



1. General knowledge of the projects

a. Phases, life cycles and selection. 

b. Areas and processes

c. Triple restriction

2. Project integration

a. Project Charter

b. Change management

3. Project scope 

a. Limits

b. WBS

4. Project timeline

d. Activities 

e. Sequencing

f. Durations estimation

g. Compressions

h. No strings attached 

5. Budget management

a. Accounting vs. Cost Management

b. Reserves

c. Planning and control

6. The work team

a. Schools of people

b. Teamwork

c. Motivation

d. Selection

e. Qualification - Training 

7. Communications 

a. Line plan 

b. Interested, Mitchell typology

8. Supply

a. Purchases

b. Contracts

9. Social Responsibility

c. Ethics

d. Medi ambient 

10. Quality

a. Specifications

b. Assurance

c. Control

11. Risks

a. Response matrix

b. Contingencies

c. Reserve



475,00 euros



1. Start projects

2. Select and manage a project portfolio

3. Establish project policies in the company

4. Interact with other managers of areas involved

5. Plan projects

6. Execute projects

7. Control critical activities

8. Close projects 

9. Basic notions of using a project management software