What will I learn and do?

- Configure industrial mechatronic systems, selecting the equipment and elements that compose them.

- Plan the assembly and maintenance of industrial mechatronic systems: machinery, industrial equipment, automated production lines, etc., defining the resources, the necessary times and the control systems.

- Supervise and / or execute the assembly and maintenance processes of industrial mechatronic systems, controlling the times and quality of the results.

- Supervise the operating parameters of industrial mechatronic systems, using measurement and control instruments and specific purpose computer applications.

- Diagnose and locate faults and malfunctions that occur in industrial mechatronic systems, applying operational techniques and specific procedures, to organize their repair.

- Establish minimum spare parts levels for the maintenance of machinery, industrial equipment and automated production lines.

- Tune the equipment after the repair or assembly of the installation, carrying out the safety and operation tests, the necessary modifications and adjustments, based on the technical documentation, ensuring the reliability and energy efficiency of the system.

- Program the automatic systems, checking the operating parameters and safety of the installation, following the procedures established in each case.

- Supervise or execute the commissioning of the facilities, adjusting the parameters and carrying out the necessary tests and verifications, both functional and regulatory.

- Prepare the technical and administrative documentation to comply with current regulations, assembly processes and the maintenance plan of the facilities.


Training plan

The professional modules of this training plan are the following:

- Mechanical systems.

- Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

- Electrical and electronic systems.

- Machine elements.

- Manufacturing processes.

- Graphic representation of mechatronic systems.

- Configuration of mechatronic systems.

- Maintenance and quality processes and management.

- Systems integration.

- Simulation of mechatronic systems.

- Industrial mechatronics project

- Professional English

- Digitization applied to the productive sectors.

- Sustainability applied to the production system.

- Personal itinerary for employability.

- Stay at the company.


Career opportunities

This professional exercises his professional activity in companies, mostly private, dedicated to the development of projects, to the management and supervision of the assembly and maintenance of mechatronic systems or installations of machinery, industrial equipment and automated lines either on their own or on behalf of others.

- Technician in planning and programming of maintenance processes of machinery facilities and industrial equipment.

- Head / team leader of assemblers of machinery and industrial equipment installations.

- Head / team leader of maintainers of machinery and industrial equipment facilities.