To train industrial and electromechanical electrical personnel to modify or carry out control programs with programmable PLCs for basic industrial applications, carrying out practical exercises in the configuration and programming of PLCs of the SIMATIC family of SIEMENS with TIA Portal. 


25 hours


1. Primera sign

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start Date: 8-4-24

c. Closing Date: 6-5-24

d. Class Days:

April: 8,15,22,29

May: 6

2. Second Round

e. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

f. Start date: 14-10-24

g. Closing date: 11-11-24

h. Class Days:

October: 14,21,28

November: 4.11


1. Introduction to programming PLCs.

a. Operation and basic concepts of PLCs.

b. Basic programming of automatons.

c. Logical operations with bits.

d. Flank operations.

2. Basic programming of programmable systems with PLCs.

a. Variables of a PLC and their addressing.

b. Programming with timers.

c. Programming with counters and comparators.

d. Data transfer and mathematical functions.




1. Establish software communication with your programmable device.

2. Perform small sequential control programs.

3. Verify the operation of the control program.

4. Perform checks on the status of inputs and outputs based on the control program, identifying installation malfunctions.