What will I learn and do?

- Configure automatic installations and systems according to specifications and regulatory requirements.

- Select the equipment and the wiring and interconnection elements necessary in the automatic installation, in accordance with the specifications and regulatory prescriptions.

- Develop control programs according to the specifications and functional characteristics of the installation.

- Configure the equipment developing management and control programs of communication networks using standard buses of industrial automation systems.

- Prepare plans and diagrams of facilities and automatic systems, according to the characteristics of the equipment, the functional characteristics of the installation and using computerized tools of assisted design.

- Define the assembly protocol, tests and guidelines for the commissioning of automatic installations based on the specifications.

- Rethink the installation in accordance with the technical documentation, solving the problems of its competence and informing of other contingencies to ensure the viability of the assembly.

- Supervise and / or assemble the equipment and elements associated with electrical and electronic installations, control and communications infrastructures in automatic systems.

- Supervise and / or maintain facilities and equipment, performing the operations of verification, location of faults, adjustment and replacement of its elements, restoring its operation.


Training plan

The professional modules of this training plan are the following:

- Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

- Programmable sequential systems.

- Measurement and regulation systems.

- Power systems.

- Technical documentation.

- Industrial computing.

- Advanced programmable systems.

- Industrial robotics

- Industrial communications.

- Integration of industrial automation systems.

- Automation and industrial robotics project.

- Training and career guidance.

- Business and entrepreneurship.

- Training in workplaces.


Career opportunities

This professional works in companies, public and private, related to automatic industrial systems, in the areas of design, assembly and maintenance of industrial automation systems.

- Head / team leader of assembly supervision and maintenance of industrial automation systems.

- Verifier of electrical appliances, panels and equipment.

- Team leader in electromechanical workshop.

- Technician in maintenance organization of industrial automation systems.

- Technical commissioning of industrial automation systems.

- Designer of control systems of industrial automation systems.

- Designer of measurement and regulation systems of industrial automation systems.

- Designer of communication networks of industrial automation systems.

- Programmer-controller of industrial robots.

- Technician in design of electrical control systems.

- Designer of circuits and integrated systems in industrial automation