To train electromechanical personnel so that they can carry out advanced electrical maintenance installations and work, carrying out practical exercises in the design, installation, protection and assembly of electrical control and power circuits.


30 hours


1. Primera sign

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start Date: 8-4-24

c. Closing Date: 6-5-24

d. Class Days:

April: 8,15,22,29

May: 6

2. Second Round

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start date: 14-10-24

c. Closing date: 11-11-24

d. Class Days:

October: 14,21,28

November: 4.11


1. Configuration of advanced command and power circuits.

a. Conventional starting, reversing and braking circuits for three-phase and single-phase electric motors.

b. Instruments for measuring voltage, current, power and insulation.

c. Determination of the technical characteristics of the components of the installation.

d. Use of manufacturers' catalogues for the selection of materials.

e. Command and power schemes with standardized symbology.

f. Parameterization of variable speed drives.

2. Assembly of automation circuits for motor manoeuvres.

a. Connection of all types of electric motor manoeuvres in the circuit power.

b. Assembly and installation of variable speed drives.

c. Carrying out electrical measurements to verify the correct operation of the automation. 




1. Identify the elements of the electrical panels for the command and control of motors.

2. Understand, design and configure advanced circuits of wired electrical automations.

3. Develop and execute control and power assemblies for advanced and programmed starters of three-phase motors.

4. Reduce time in maintenance operations.

5. Locate faults and malfunctions, analysing the symptoms and identifying the causes that produce them.

6. Repair breakdowns and malfunctions, adjusting or replacing defective elements.