What will I learn and do?

- Perform the operations associated with the assembly and maintenance of the facilities.

- Gather the resources and means necessary to undertake the execution of the assembly or maintenance of the facilities.

- Propose modifications of the facilities in accordance with the technical documentation to guarantee the viability of the assembly, solving the problems of its competence and informing of other contingencies

- Assemble mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems and other auxiliary elements associated with electromechanical installations.

- Assemble electrical and regulation and control systems associated with electromechanical installations, in conditions of quality and safety.

- Manufacture and/or join mechanical components for the maintenance and assembly of electromechanical installations

- Perform tests and verifications, both functional and regulatory, of the facilities to check and adjust their operation.

- Diagnose the dysfunctions of the equipment and elements of the facilities, using the appropriate means and applying established procedures with the required safety.

- Repair, maintain and replace equipment and elements in the facilities to ensure or restore operating conditions.

- Start up the installation, carrying out the safety and operation tests of the machines, automatisms and safety devices, after the assembly or maintenance of an installation.


Training plan

The professional modules of this training plan are the following:

- Manufacturing techniques.

- Joining and assembly techniques.

- Electricity and electrical automation.

- Pneumatic automation, hydraulic.

- Assembly and mechanical maintenance.

- Assembly and electrical-electronic maintenance.

- Assembly and maintenance of automated lines

- Training and career guidance.

- Business and entrepreneurship.

- Training in workplaces.


Career opportunities

This professional works in companies, mostly private, dedicated to the assembly and maintenance or installations of machinery, industrial equipment and automated lines either on their own or on behalf of others.

- Electrical-electronic installer of automated production lines.

- Electrical-electronic maintainer of automated production lines.

- Mechanical maintenance.

- Industrial assembler.

- Automated Line Maintainer.

- Assembler of capital goods.

- Assembler of electrical equipment.

- Assembler of electronic equipment.

- Assembler of pneumatic and hydraulic automatisms.