What will I learn and do?

Assemble and maintain telecommunication infrastructures in buildings, low voltage electrical installations, electrical machines and automated systems. This professional will be able to:

- Configure and calculate facilities and equipment.

- Assemble the component elements of low voltage distribution networks and auxiliary elements.

- Assemble the equipment and pipes associated with electrical and automated installations and telecommunications infrastructures in buildings.

- Install and maintain rotating and static electrical machines.

- Maintain and repair facilities and equipment.

- Establish the logistics associated with assembly and maintenance.

- Prepare budgets, technical documentation and administrative documentation.

- Verify the operation of the installation.


Training plan

The professional modules of this training plan are:

- Industrial automation.

- Electronics.

- Electrical engineering.

- Interior electrical installations.

- Distribution facilities.

- Common telecommunications infrastructure in homes and buildings

- Home automation installations.

- Photovoltaic solar installations.

- Electrical machines.

- Professional English

- Digitization applied to the productive sectors.  

- Sustainability applied to the production system. 

- Personal itinerary for employability.

- Stay at the company.


Career opportunities

This professional develops his activity in the assembly and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructures in buildings, electrical machines, automated systems, low voltage electrical installations and home automation systems.

- Installer-maintainer electrician.

- Construction electrician.

- Industrial electrician.

- Maintenance electrician.

- Installer-maintainer of home automation systems.

- Installer-maintainer of antennas.

- Telecommunications installer in residential buildings.

- Installer-maintainer of equipment and telephone installations.

- Assembler of photovoltaic solar energy installations.