What will I learn and do?

Plan, manage, and supervise the assembly and maintenance of thermal and fluid installations, in buildings and industrial processes, in accordance with the regulations and standards established, following the protocols of quality, safety and prevention of occupational risks and environmental respect. This professional will be able to:

- Diagnose and locate faults or malfunctions based on the symptoms of the equipment or installation and the history.

- Start up the installation by measuring parameters and performing tests and adjustments.

- Control the operating parameters of the installation by programming automatic regulation and control systems.

- Configure installations that do not require a project to select the equipment and elements that compose them.

- Obtain the necessary data to schedule the assembly and maintenance of the facilities.

- Develop maintenance programs and operational intervention processes.

- Calculate labor, equipment and element costs to prepare the assembly or maintenance budget.

- Plan, execute and supervise the assembly and maintenance processes of equipment, machines and facilities.

- Establish the minimum spare parts levels for the maintenance of the facilities.

These teachings include the necessary knowledge to carry out the basic level activities of occupational risk prevention. The training established in the set of professional modules of the Degree guarantees the level of knowledge required in the professional card in thermal installations of buildings.


Training plan

The professional modules of this training plan are:

- Electrical and automatic systems.

- Equipment and thermal installations.

- Installation assembly processes.

- Graphical representation of installations.

- Renewable energies and energy efficiency.

- Assembly, quality and maintenance management.

- Configuration of thermal and fluid installations.

- Maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

- Maintenance of heating and fluid installations.

- Maintenance project of thermal and fluid installations.

- Professional English

- Digitization applied to the productive sectors.

- Sustainability applied to the production system.

- Personal itinerary for employability.

- Stay at the company.

Career opportunities

This professional develops his activity in the industries of assembly and maintenance of thermal and fluid installations related to the subsectors of air conditioning (heating, cooling and ventilation) and production of domestic hot water in the industrial sector and in the building and civil works sector.

- Planning and programming of maintenance processes of thermal and fluid installations.

- Team leader of network assemblers and fluid distribution systems.

- Head of maintainers.

- Industrial refrigeration technician / technician.

- Refrigerator.

- Technician of air conditioning and ventilation-extraction.

- Technical of networks and fluid distribution systems.

- Technician of heating installations.

- Installer of heating and DHW.

- Maintainer of heating and DHW.

- Technician of maintenance of auxiliary installations to the production.

- Supervisor of assembly of thermal installations.

- Head / team leader of maintenance of heat installations.