Master the professional design tool AutoCAD by incorporating it into the scope of work


25 hours


1. Primera sign

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start date: 8-1-24

c. Closing Date: 5-2-24

d. Class Days:

1) Jan: 8,15,22,29

2) February: 5

2. Second Round

a. Days: Monday from 15:00 to 20:00

b. Start date: 18-11-24

c. Closing date: 16-12-24

d. Class Days:

1) November: 18,25

2) December: 2,9,16


1. Determination of shapes and dimensions represented in manufacturing drawings:

a. Interpretation of manufacturing drawings.

b. Industrial drawing standards.

c. Assembly and exploded drawings.

d. Graphical representation systems.

e. Procedure for obtaining views.

f. Procedure for obtaining cuts and sections.

2. Identification of Dimension and Shape Tolerances:

a. Interpretation of symbols used in manufacturing drawings.

b. Dimensioning: Dimensioning rules.

c. Representation of dimensional, geometric and surface tolerances.

d. ISO system of tolerances and adjustments.

e. Adjustment systems.

f. Geometric, shape, position tolerances.

g. Surface quality.

h. Characteristic parameters of roughness.

i. Representation of joining elements.

j. Representation of thermal, thermochemical and electrochemical treatments.

k. Representation of standard shapes (keys, nuts, guides, welds and others).

3. Sketching of tools and tools:

a. Freehand sketching techniques.

b. Obtaining views from models and mock-ups.

c. Freehand sketching of construction solutions for tools and fixtures for manufacturing processes.




1. Determine the shape and dimensions of the products to be manufactured, interpreting their symbology and associating it with their representation in the manufacturing drawings.

2. Identify tolerances of shapes and dimensions and other characteristics of the products to be manufactured, analyzing and interpreting the technical information contained in the manufacturing drawings.

3. Make sketches of tools and tools to execute the processes, defining the construction solutions in each case.